Why Spending Money on Facebook Isn’t Working for Your Business

Why Spending Money on Facebook

Stop pouring hours of time, energy, and money into Facebook posts that refuse to provide real returns. Switch to a smarter system that utilizes Facebook properly and gives your posts the best engagement and ROI. when you have better options then why spending money on Facebook?

If You’re Doing This, Your Wasting Money:

  • Buying traffic/bots
  • Spending money on pages with few followers
  • Promoting dull unengaging content

Here’s why:

Buying Facebook traffic and bots does not provide fruitful results as the audience is non-organic and static. Facebook works best for pages with large followings (>1,000 followers) to provide real results and any boosted Facebook marketing campaign will be under optimized due to these issues. Facebook may also not provide any ROIs due to lackluster brand content. Outside of the human error of black-hat tactics, small followings, and creation of bland posts, ensuring that your Facebook campaigns reach real users and receive meaningful impressions, clicks, and conversions is why you decided to post your brand on Facebook in the first place – so, accomplish that.

Rid of inorganic audiences and begin creating authentic relationships with your customers online. Now, it is time to retain campaign visitors and individuals who gave meaning impressions through an intelligent combination of features.

Optimize Your Facebook:

Most businesses do not realize that once they’ve created a Facebook campaign post they need to create a landing page for customers interested in the offer to go to. These pages are essential for funneling and converting customers and without a streamlined checkout page potential sales revenue fades away. This usually causes brands to hassle their website developer to design last minute pages.

However, with TapToBook, brands no longer need to scramble for landing pages and can produce beautiful hassle-free pages that are built to convert traffic:

TapToBook’s system generates unique and custom Smart Links for each social campaign you launch. These Smart Links work seamlessly with Facebook and other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and are visually beautiful and clean. Smart Links help you convert social media and website visitors into revenue in a frictionless way. Facebook users who see your posts on their timeline can follow your campaign through a smarter link, our link, which sends them to directive checkout pages that you personally designed. TapToBook empowers brands to set their own campaign terms and conditions, duration, and redemption period.

With TapToBook, brands can be as flexible as they want and can adjust to any clientele – never letting a new customer get away. With TapToBook, you can offer a variety of promotions, packages, and services all detailed with your specifics. Instead of spending time and money trying to generate website traffic from Facebook and affiliated top social dogs – Google and Instagram, place your marketing efforts in TapToBook and trust that your brand will receive a significant ROI.

Through TapToBook’s one-click Buy Buttons and Two-Way Chat, we throw a combo feature that lets customers immediately purchase an offer and a way for brands to communicate with individuals in an engaging way and assist in closing sales if need be. This allows you to instantly maximize your chances of turning any web or campaign visitors into revenue by stopping leakage from click to convert – that’s money down the drain. TapToBook was built to solve this. It is a conversion machine.

To continue, TapToBook is an intelligent conversion machine. Our system automatically analyzes campaign responses and results and formulates insights based on collected data then proceeds to provide meaningful suggestions. This is not something to ignore, this information is valuable to your brand and must be reviewed consistently.

If these reasons haven’t convinced you to start using TapToBook for your brand, we suggest speaking with one of our representatives or sign up online for a free unlimited access 14-day trial membership of our platform. We’re sure you’ll love TapToBook.

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